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A Sea of Hope empowers 
late-diagnosed ADHD adults
to navigate their career change with clarity and confidence. 

Ready to make a change?

Finally getting the answer to why you've struggled for many years is life changing, but even with a diagnosis of ADHD you still may feel like you're unable to reach your full potential and truly be your authentic self. 

I am committed to working alongside you, providing judgement-free exploration, curiosity, and empowerment to help you overcome your obstacles and find your spark.

Nikki Hardy stood in orange flowery jumper arms outstretched to her sides and laughing stood on grass beach in the background
Hi I'm Nikki!

I am a 49-year-old ADHD adult, and a proud mother to a 16-year-old daughter who also has ADHD.

We live by the beautiful, calming sea, surrounded by our two crazy dogs. 


Providing unwavering support, encouragement and optimism in a world where late diagnosed ADHD individuals have been shamed, misunderstood and judged for their differences. 



Without hope we struggle to know what to work towards, and we can't find purpose.

ASOH Coaching encourages hopefulness and optimism to push you towards your goals and purpose.


Authenticity is key in becoming accepting of our selves. 

By learning to unmask your neurodivergence you can begin to feel like your authentic self and attract what is really fulfilling to you.


For ADHDers accepting their struggles is one of the hardest challenges we can face.

We focus on understanding your strengths enabling you to utilise them to reach your potential.

A Sea of Hope's Values

Explore the success stories of our clients who have found fulfilling careers with the support of A Sea of Hope Coaching. Their journeys inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams.


Working with Nikki has been absolutely life-changing. She has helped me to finally work alongside my ADHD, unlocking incredible opportunities, as well as previously unimaginable paths. Nikki has supported me throughout the entire process, and helped me to achieve so many things that I never would have thought possible. It truly feels like a blessing to have Nikki as my ADHD coach!

Lily – Artist, Amsterdam
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