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Finding your purpose can be a struggle when you're unsure of what your strengths, personality type and motivators are. 

Doing a personality test can be a great way to get understanding of your core values, strengths and weaknesses to help you identify your purpose and find fulfilment within your career.

Featured Podcast

S3 Episode 34 - Finding your purpose

Welcome to "The Indigo Diaries." Join host Natasha Hickling in the third, long-lasting series: "The World Through an Our Eyes.." where she will be joined once again by fellow ADHD Careers Coach Nikki Hardy in a “Starting the conversation” Episode. 


Nikki is 49, living on the Essex coast in the UK and is a single parent to her daughter Hope and 2 dogs. She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 43 and her daughter also has ADHD.   Having always cared so much about everyone and everything and being a huge people pleaser, her undiagnosed ADHD meant that people were never pleased with her and this extinguished the bright spark within her. Moving schools 3 times, the worst one in year 8 of secondary school also had a huge impact and after a disruptive school life she left school with 2 GCSE’s a very poor sense of self and no direction.   

The following years were turbulent but not without some significant achievements – none of which were recognised by Nikki.

Everything changed when Nikki started working within a sector that was aligned with her ‘purpose’. Working within the third sector and then the NHS Secondary mental health services helping people find employment that all of Nikki’s previous difficulties and traumas were now something that could help and inspire others and this was when she started to really grow in confidence and be happy with who she was.


At the age of 43 Nikki was diagnosed with ADHD and that is when everything changed. Nikki shares her career experience and how her late ADHD diagnosis helped her to navigate her coaching career. In today's episode, she discusses the difficulties ADHD brings when trying to find a career path and shows how much more there is to careers than you might think. She provides a step-by-step process for finding your ultimate purpose and working with it.   Come, Learn, listen, and experience the world through not her eyes, our eyes!


The Indigo Diaries:

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