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  • What training do you have as an ADHD Coach?
    AACC Certified ADHD Coach (ADDCA) Licensed Firework Career Coach Life Coach Diploma, UK Coaching Partnership Foundation Degree in Health and Human Science (Mental Health) FDSC Mental Health First Aid MHFA
  • How many coaching sessions will I need to commit to per month?
    You will need to commit to at least 2-3 sessions per month.
  • Do you accept people through the government scheme Access to Work?
    Unfortunately, due to significant delays in receiving payments I ONLY accept clients that are able to pay upfront and then claim back from ATW.
  • How many sessions do I need to book a month?
    You will need to commit to three sessions a month, normally once a week during working hours, Monday to Friday.
  • How do I book a discovery call?
    Head to our contact page to book via paperbell or contact form.
  • How many months is the program?
    To begin the program you will need to commit to at least six months of sessions.
  • Are you insured as an ADHD Coach?
    Yes my practice holds coaching insurance.
  • How do I book my coaching sessions?
    Sessions can be booked after a Discovery Call via email or contact form.
  • Payments
    I accept bank transfers and credit and debit card payments through Stripe (secure card payments platform). A 1.5% fee added to all card payments. Prices are in British Pounds (GBP).
  • Will there be work to do outside of sessions?
    Yes, there will be activities to do outside of sessions, you'll find these on your client portal. They are a key element of the program.
  • Can you diagnose ADHD?
    I am not a clinician but I can assist with accessing a screening tool to see whether it would be worthwhile seeking a psychiatric assessment.
  • Do you do evening or weekend sessions?
    My working hours are between 9-5 (GMT) Monday - Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

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