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What my Clients have said...


Thank you Nikki you always manage to bring order out of chaos .
- Charlotte, Music Teacher, London
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I have been working with Nikki since the end of May 2022, following my ADHD diagnosis in December 2021 and struggling to find and use tools to help with my daily challenges. In that year Nikki has had patience, listening to my struggles and even when I’ve felt my worst at the start of a session I have always finished the session smiling and feeling brighter and more positive.

Nikki has a natural perception too, asking the right questions and sensing when my “I’m fine” isn’t fine at all. She has helped me see that I do have positive qualities and skills and many achievements and that I have lots to offer in the world. Through Nikki’s career discovery coaching program, I am now opening up to new possibilities and opportunities, feeling more confident and positive for my future and grateful for all of Nikki’s help and belief in me.

I would recommend coaching with Nikki to anyone.

- Tracy

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Nikki is a wonderful, creative and kind human who I am incredibly grateful to have in my life and as my ADHD coach. Nikki has a pure and infectious enthusiasm and excitement for life. Her strength and positivity have really become a pillar of support in my own journey to create a more accepting and kind space for my ADHD.

I will always be enormously thankful to her.
- Francesca
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Working with Nikki has been absolutely life-changing. She has helped me to finally work alongside my ADHD, unlocking incredible opportunities, as well as previously unimaginable paths. Nikki has supported me throughout the entire process, and helped me to achieve so many things that I never would have thought possible. It truly feels like a blessing to have Nikki as my ADHD coach!
- Lily, Artist, Amsterdam
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Working with Nikki has been great. It is often hard to accept an Adult ADHD diagnosis, especially at the start. You often feel on your own as even close family and friends are not educated around ADHD and how it can present. Nikki’s programme has allowed me to dig deep into my strengths, core values & achievements; all helping to work with your ADHD brain and, in my case, find a new career. She has helped me in challenging routed beliefs, understand historic difficulties and helped to find a work-life balance.

As an accountant (not for much longer!), you often quantify everything and focus on cost and price – but what I have learned through Nikki’s coaching is priceless. She has seen the ups and downs as you navigate this stigmatised condition, and finally new and exciting changes are taking place. Sometimes in life you have to take a leap and ADHD Career Coaching with Nikki was absolutely worth it.
- David, Accountant
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I just wanted to let you know that you were instrumental in me getting my dream job offer. I had got to a stage where I’d lost belief in myself assuming imposter syndrome and becoming increasingly depressed and hopeless. You gave me back faith in myself and restored my confidence you completely turned it around for me I can never thank you enough.
- Olivia, Marine Biologist, Essex
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I have worked with Nikki as a coach for the past year.
As a late-diagnosed ADHDer, I’ve found working with Nikki over the past year has helped me to redefine how to use my brain, given an understanding of ADHD strengths and weaknesses. I have developed solutions for dealing with my executive-function and time-blindness issues.

I can also distinguish between what is an ADHD trait and what is life just being hard, so how I should deal with each. I’ve found a weekly session keeps the topics running in my mind, and I always look forward to talking with her on a Thursday. She brings fresh insight, materials, research that can be interesting and useful.

I would recommend her to anyone with ADHD.
 - Andrew Ginty, Data and Technology Consultant, Scotland
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