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ADHD Career Change Program

The Firework Career Change program for ADHD Careers takes a minimum of 6 months to complete. 

Over this time you will have 1 on 1 mentoring sessions that provide you with insights into the way you work and deepen your understanding of yourself and ADHD.

3 Sessions per month
Monthly Investment - £450

1. Explore

The Path to Self-Discovery
and Career Fulfillment
  • Diving deep to understand your ADHD.

  • Uncovering your values.

  • Finding your purpose.

  • Identifying your strengths.

  • Identify your passions and marketable skills.

  • Inspiring you to dream bigger.

2. Dream

Sparking Your Vision
for the Future
  • Coaching sessions.

  • Visioning exercises.

  • Uncovering career possibilities.

  • Identifying the top three most promising work themes.

  • Selecting the best option to further develop.

3. Discover

Bringing your Vision to life
  • Refining and finalising your ideal career vision.

  • Identify the specific steps, resources, and support needed.

  • Develop a tailored action plan.

  • Explore potential obstacles.

  • Strategise solutions.

  • Build a fresh mindset and new habits. 

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