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Empowering Businesses and Neurodivergent Individuals for Lasting Change

Creating inclusive workplaces where differences are celebrated.

My mission is to challenge stigma and promote inclusivity by providing education, support, and practical solutions for businesses and their neurodivergent employees.


I help companies understand and recognise Neurodivergent conditions and educate both the employer and their Neurodivergent staff in regards to accommodations/reasonable adjustments and find a way that both the staff and the company are able to thrive, grow and advocate for themselves with confidence.

Practical workshops on implementing reasonable adjustments.

Customised Inclusion Programs that include targeted strategies to meet the unique needs of each business.

Ongoing Support in the form of regular check-ins and follow-up sessions to ensure lasting change and continuous improvement plans based on feedback and new developments.

Initial assessments of
workplace environments.

One-on-one consultations with neurodivergent employees and employers.

Workshops for Neurodiversity awareness and sensitivity training.



Nikki will be speaking at Retrain Expo in November 2024 about Neurodivergent Inclusivity in the workplace

Please visit the link below to view her exhibitors listing and to access free tickets to the event.

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