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Walking Up Mount Everest In Stilettos

I was talking to my partner about doing tasks that I don’t want to do, that are deemed relatively easy, tasks I have managed to do easily before, but now they are not on my radar, I have no interest in, find them boring and I explained how difficult that can be somebody with ADHD and used the "walking up mount everest in stilettos" analogy.

What I was talking about, was my garden.

Since having my business I have had no time for my garden and I used to love my garden, however I’ve always struggled with watering (boring) weeding (even more boring) and now all my focus is on growing my business and growing myself and I have completely neglected my garden, trust me when I say there’s nothing growing in my garden other than weeds.

All my beautiful pots are full of dead plants, and the arch that I had to have, really needed, couldn’t think of anything else until I had one, blew over in the wind a few weeks ago, because it has got so overgrown and it’s heavy and needs trimming and is now resting on my washing line.

Whilst talking about this with my partner he said you need to cut it all back do some tip runs and then we can get it back in the ground, easy right? All stuff I have done before so how could it not be easy?

Oh – that consistently inconsistent way of us ADHD’ers! 

Well no, it is not easy, it is actually like walking up Mount Everest in stilettos

I can’t even walk on a flat surface in stilettos, any kind of heels have always been troublesome for me, dyspraxia to blame I believe, after many a time of twisting my ankle twice ending up on crutches, I decided heels are absolutely not for me, plus I hate to be slowed down in any way shape or form and heels definitely do that!!!

So what do I need to do when I feel like that?

  • The biggest thing for me is to notice it, not fight against it and definitely do not do angry gardening (I have done that before)!!

  • Treat ourselves with Self-compassion – now is not the time and that’s ok.

  • Notice what we are doing and celebrate that.

  • Enlist support, who else can help?

So, remember don’t try and walk-up Mount Everest stilettos it is not going to work.

I would love to hear what you think about this analogy and what makes you feel like that. What you do when you are feeling that way?

Drop me a comment below.



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